The types of licenses we use in the design assets we publish are very simple and easy to use. We create two types of licenses for the assets we publish namely, Standard Licenses, and Exclusive Licenses.

For further explanation, please see the table below.

Standard Licenses

Type 1

  • Royalty-Free
  • No usage limit
  • Personal & Commercial Use
  • Non-Exclusive Design Ownership

Exclusive Licenses

Type 2

  • Royalty-Free
  • No usage limit
  • Personal & Commercial Use
  • Exclusive Design Ownership

Explanation of the contents of the license.

  1. Royalty-Free
    You do not need to give royalties on the sale of your product when the product uses a design purchased from us.
  2. No Usage Limit
    There is no limit to the amount of production/physical/digital use of the designs you purchase from our website.
  3. Personal & Commercial Use
    You can use this design for personal or commercial purposes but still comply with the laws of where you are.
  4. Non-Exclusive Design Ownership
    The design for the standard type of design license is not exclusive to one buyer but anyone who buys this design on our website has the right to use it and own it. We will continue to sell designs with this type of license on our website until we decide not to sell them. So the ownership of the design on this license is multiple-ownership.
  5. Exclusive Design Ownership
    Designs for this type of exclusive license design ownership are the property of only one person or only the first purchaser who becomes the exclusive owner of the design. And this design will automatically not be resold on our website after this design is purchased by the first buyer.

What buyers should not do;

  1. Buyers may not resell designs purchased/obtained from our website;
  2. Unable to claim primary ownership of design when purchasing standard license type assets;
  3. May not be used for activities that violate the law and other negative things/activities;
The contents of the license may change from time to time in accordance with developments and policies that we continue to update.

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