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Welcome to Refferstok, a website that provides stock designs for your sublimation printing needs. We created this website against the background of the very rapid development of the sublimation industry so that the need for design must also increase. Therefore, we tried to develop a stock website that provides a variety of special designs for sublimation needs. We hope that the website that we have developed will be a solution for the needs of people engaged in the sublimation printing business.

The stock designs that we provide include designs for jerseys, pants, bags, tents, banners, gloves, and other designs related to sublimation techniques. We will continue to update the design category regularly.

Meanwhile, to get the stock designs that we publish on our website, we can use several ways, including;
1. Individual purchases;
2. Download free stock;
3. Subscription.

Terms of use of the designs that we provide can be seen on the Licenses page.
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