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Get a 20% commission

for every paid Refferstock item/product you refer

Why partner with Refferstock?

Earn when you refer customers and make purchases on Refferstock, a creative marketplace that allows designers to create more impressive work with high-quality assets.

How it works?

Easy onboarding

Anyone can apply for the Refferstock affiliate program. Access your personal dashboard, referral link, resources, and guides.

It’s simple to work with

Use your unique link to refer new customers to Yellow Images. You earn 20% commission on any transaction that's tied to your referral link.

Dedicated support team

Get access and enjoy affiliate support from the writing we provide on the blog, which will help You increase your affiliate income. Join us immediately!

Who should apply for Refferstock affiliate program?

Everyone can join our affiliate program. We are open to all who want to try Refferstock affiliation. If you are a Social Media Influencer, YouTube Influencer, Online and offline schools, Design experts, Marketing and branding agencies, and others it will add additional value to start joining our affiliate program. So don't wait long, join us immediately and get the commission.

Affiliate Program, frequently asked questions

Who can join the affiliate program?

Anyone can join! Simply sign up to get access to links and resources to share information about Refferstock Affiliates can be viewed in your affiliate account and start earning commissions. Share our products and don't forget to use your own unique URL to earn commission.

How are the referrals tracked?

Cookies are kept for 14 days. Any unregistered user who clicks on your link will have 14 days to register to become your referral. If a person clicks on someone else’s referral link within that period, don’t worry, that person will still be your referee, as long as he did not delete the cookies on his computer prior to registration.

How much can I earn in affiliate commissions?

There is no limit. Your earnings increase with every customer you bring to our platform and we do not set any limits on your earnings. Income can increase without limits! The more users you attract, the more profits you will make. You will receive 20% for every purchase the user makes.

What is the payout cycle?

On the 15th day of each month. You can submit your payout request anytime, but the funds you request are available to be paid out to you only on the 15th day of the month following the month when you actually place a payout request. As an example, if you submit your request on June 12th or June 28th, you will receive your funds on July 15th.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

Via PayPal, the minimum withdrawal is $25. Payment is currently only available via PayPal. Add your PayPal email address on your Payments page. After that, you can submit a request to withdraw your earnings!

Where I can see my affiliate earnings?

You can find all your affiliate earnings information and statistics on your account Earnings page. There you will see your current balance, earnings, and detailed daily statistics. Or check your current balance in the My Account > Affiliate Dashboard menu.

Refferstock Affiliate Program

Get a 20% commission for every paid Refferstock item/product you refer

Can’t access account?

If you have problems while registering or logging into your account, please use several resolution options, including:

  • After making your first registration/purchase, please open your email and open the verification email we sent you so you can access your account at Refferstock.
  • Make sure you don’t fail to log in 3 times in a row, this will cause your account to be temporarily blocked.
    Please contact the administrator to reactivate your account or wait 15 minutes for your account to be active again.
  • Reset your password.
  • Email us about your problem.